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Top 50 RTL Code open-source repositories

Updated: May 24

Here is the list of GitHub repositories that you can use it for academic projects.

1. **PicoRV32** - A Size-Optimized RISC-V CPU.

2. **E200 Opensource** - Deprecated, please go to next generation Ultra-Low-Power RISC-V Core.

3. **Verilog-Ethernet** - Verilog Ethernet components for FPGA implementation.

4. **DarkRISCV** - Open-source RISC-V CPU core implemented in Verilog from scratch in one night.

5. **Wujian100 Open** - IC design and development should be faster, simpler, and more reliable.

6. **HW** - RTL, Cmodel, and testbench for NVDLA.

7. **Corundum** - Open source FPGA-based NIC and platform for in-network compute.

8. **Basic Verilog** - Must-have Verilog/SystemVerilog modules.

9. **HDL** - HDL libraries and projects.

10. **OpenROAD** - OpenROAD's unified application implementing an RTL-to-GDS Flow.

11. **Verilog-AXI** - Verilog AXI components for FPGA implementation.

12. **SERV** - The SErial RISC-V CPU.

13. **ZipCPU** - A small, lightweight, RISC CPU soft core.

14. **E203 Hbirdv2** - The Ultra-Low Power RISC-V Core.

15. **OH** - Verilog library for ASIC and FPGA designers.

16. **RISC-V** - RISC-V CPU Core (RV32IM).

17. **Vortex** - None.

18. **OpenC910** - OpenXuantie - OpenC910 Core.

19. **Amiga2000 GFXCard** - MNT VA2000, an Open Source Amiga 2/3/4000 Graphics Card (Zorro II/III), written in Verilog.

20. **Verilog-PCIE** - Verilog PCI express components.

21. **Miaow** - An open-source GPU based off of the AMD Southern Islands ISA.

22. **UHD** - The USRP™ Hardware Driver Repository.

23. **ODriveHardware** - High performance motor control.

24. **BiRISCV** - 32-bit Superscalar RISC-V CPU.

25. **APIO** - Open source ecosystem for open FPGA boards.

26. **Open-FPGA-Verilog-Tutorial** - Learn how to design digital systems and synthesize them into an FPGA using only opensource tools.

27. **OpenFPGA** - An Open-source FPGA IP Generator.

28. **Riffa** - The RIFFA development repository.

29. **USB C Industrial Camera FPGA USB3** - Source and Documentation files for USB C Industrial Camera Project, This repo contains PCB boards, FPGA, Camera and USB along with FPGA Firmware and USB Controller Firmware source.

30. **Step Into MIPS** - 一步一步写MIPS CPU.

31. **PCILeech-FPGA** - FPGA modules used together with the PCILeech Direct Memory Access (DMA) Attack Software.

32. **Microwatt** - A tiny Open POWER ISA softcore written in VHDL 2008.

33. **Verilog-Practice** - HDLBits website practices & solutions.

34. **Cores** - Various HDL (Verilog) IP Cores.

35. **Openwifi-HW** - Open-source IEEE 802.11 WiFi baseband FPGA (chip) design: FPGA, hardware.

36. **RISC-V VHDL** - Portable RISC-V System-on-Chip implementation: RTL, debugger and simulators.

37. **LeFlow** - Enabling Flexible FPGA High-Level Synthesis of Tensorflow Deep Neural Networks.

38. **RISC-V Formal** - RISC-V Formal Verification Framework.

39. **MIPS-CPU** - MIPS CPU implemented in Verilog.

40. **FPGA-Imaging-Library** - An open source library for image processing on FPGA.

41. **Z80 Open Silicon** - Z80 open-source silicon clone. Goal is to become a silicon proven, pin compatible, open-source replacement for classic Z80.

42. **Verilog** - Repository for basic (and not so basic) Verilog blocks with high re-use potential.

43. **OpenTimer** - A High-performance Timing Analysis Tool for VLSI Systems.

44. **Graphics-Gremlin** - Open source retro ISA video card.

45. **FPGA-USB-Device** - An FPGA-based USB full-speed device core to implement USB-serial, USB-camera, USB-audio, USB-hid, etc. It requires only 3 FPGA common IOs rather than additional chips. 基于FPGA的USB full-speed device端控制器,可实现USB串口、USB摄像头、USB音频、U盘、USB键盘等设备,只需要3个FPGA普通IO,而不需要额外的接口芯片。

46. **Mor1kx** - Mor1kx - an OpenRISC 1000 processor IP core.

47. **FPU** - Synthesiseable IEEE 754 floating point library in Verilog.

48. **Verilog-I2C** - Verilog I2C interface for FPGA implementation.

49. **32-Verilog-Mini-Projects** - Implementing 32 Verilog Mini Projects.


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