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Seagate sold its Soc unit to AVAGO, is Seagate no longer a semiconductor company??

Updated: May 24

The Seagate Technology HDD has recently sold entire soc operations, HDD IPs, and assets to AVAGO also known as Broadcom.

Along with IPs, Seagate's workforce has also smoothly transitioned to AVAGO. Seagate employees have also benefited from this in terms of stocks. Avago is the market leader in a variety of chip designs in semiconductors.


Seagate and broadcom semiconductor deal
Seagate and broadcom deal

This strategic move would benefit Seagate Technology HDD and AVAGO inc.

The deal was closed in April 2024 which raises questions like is it still a semiconductor company? 


Seagate Technology majorly works on the storage which is in demand currently because of AI and GPT applications. 

The Seagate Technology HDD develops high-density memories with the help of their latest Technology HAMR (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording). The current MACH2 product with HAMR technology can store up to 30TB they have a vision to extend the storage capacity to 50+TB.

The Seagate Technology HDD's major revenue comes from the HAMR, SSD, HDD only, and cloud computing. AVAGO could be their strategic partner for providing memory controller chips. Seagate would improve on storage technology with more focus. 

Is Seagate a semicon?

  • Yes

  • No


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